The Chase Winters Promise

Our promise is to help our clients identify, attract, and retain executive talent. We are the first and only retained executive search firm to guarantee the results of our efforts, unequivocally. Thus, our clients appreciate the benefit of complete risk mitigation knowing that all fees are performance-driven. We are proud to have achieved complete client satisfaction and are committed to ensure our clients' continued leadership in today's highly competitive global environment.

 We have offices worldwide.
 If you would like to speak with a consultant, contact us at" 1.877.906.9600 or email:

It's a great time to be with Chase Winters.

Our organization is growing and evolving to become the leading high-value-added firm in the executive search industry. We have increased the scope of our work, deepened our client relationships, and strengthened our intellectual capital.

As a firm, we are embarking upon an era of unprecedented expansion.

We have improved our industry focus with appointment of industry and functional practice leaders. We have extended our national and international presence by opening offices domestically in New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta; and internationally in London, Paris, and Frankfort .

Most importantly, we've virtually doubled the number of people in the firm in just two years. We will continue to expand not only in number, but also by increasing
our skill and knowledge base that help us unearth the value in a client's enterprise.

We are building on our strengths and reaching toward our aspirations. Our promise captures the benefits clients get when they work with Chase Winters; we have more to offer than ever. We're beginning to tell the world what an exceptional, unique firm Chase Winters is.


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