Meet OUR Executive Search Team

Every member of our executive search team has enjoyed a successful and advancing industry tenure prior to entering the executive search field. In fact, our dedicated search team is comprised of former strategic management consultants, finance professionals, human resources executives, and information technology specialists.

Empowered by our proprietary recruiting systems, global resource network, and unblemished reputation, we eliminated the risks inherent to executive search, reduced recruiting cycle-time, and provided a host of embedded value-added services. Let us find the leaders your workers need for maximum productivity and satisfaction. Thanks to our acute understanding of industry value chains, market trends, and competitive landscapes, and specialty practice sectors, our teams will share information with you to make the best-informed business decision.

By staffing our search teams with highly skilled individuals, we are able to ensure that each stage of the search is conducted with the greatest level of care. For example, our staff members apply proper due diligence at the start-up phase and jointly synthesized competitive data. We carefully adhere to performance metrics and utilize extensive planning and project management to ensure quality execution. Ideas and information are shared continuously. Once the search is completed, a qualitative post-assignment assessment is completed between the client and the candidate as an effective measurement of mutual satisfaction with the search results.

United States

Timothy Wujcik    (Managing Partner)
Robert Sobel        (Partner, Information Technology)
Anne Barrett        (Partner, Healthcare)
Michael Braun     (Partner, Finacial Services)
Thomas Cole        (Partner, High Technology)
Kris Hanson          (Partner, Consumer Goods & Retail)
Angela Scher        (Partner, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, and Bio-Tech)
George Gray         (Partner, Turnaround and Restructuring)
Lanette Ross         (Director)
Nazia Siddiqi         (Director)
Brian O’Connor    (Director)
David Greenberg (Director)
Tyler David            (Director)


Latin America

Rosanna Hamada  (Managing Partner, Latin America)
Paulo Oliveria         (Partner, Manufacturing & Operations Practice)



Andres Becker      (Partner, Financial Services)
Mary Dragatakis   (Associate Partner, InformationTechnology)
Nicola Pamados   (Associate Partner, Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals)
William Jennings   (Director)
George Gray          (Director)