Chase Winters Worldwide is one of the nation’s foremost providers of executive search services. We get the results our clients need by following a unique approach to talent recruitment. Each members of our proposed search team brings to the table superior industry knowledge, specific functional expertise, and extensive search experience to accelerate progress.

By staffing our search teams with highly skilled individuals, we are able to ensure that each stage of the search is conducted with the greatest level of care. For example, our staff members apply proper due diligence at the start-up phase and jointly synthesized competitive data. We carefully adhere to performance metrics and utilize extensive planning and project management to ensure quality execution. Ideas and information are shared continuously. Once the search is completed, a qualitative post-assignment assessment is completed between the client and the candidate as an effective measurement of mutual satisfaction with the search results.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients identify, attract, and retain executive talent. We are the first and only retained executive search firm to guarantee the results of our efforts, unequivocally. Our clients can appreciate the benefit of complete risk mitigation knowing that all fees are performance-driven. We are proud to have achieved complete client satisfaction and are committed to ensure our clients’ continued leadership in today’s highly competitive global environment.

A Message from President Timothy R. Wujcik

It’s an exciting time for Chase Winters Worldwide. The firm is growing and evolving to become the leading high-value-added firm in the executive search industry. We have increased the scope of our work, deepened our client relationships, strengthened our intellectual capital, and broadened our service offerings.

Our firm is embarking upon an era of unprecedented expansion. We have improved our focus with the appointment of well-respected industry and functional practice leaders. We have extended our national and international presence by opening offices New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta, with offices in London, Paris, and Frankfurt underway. We’ve virtually doubled the number of people in the firm in just two years and were joined by those tenured at the most trusted and recognizable names within the search industry. Chase Winters Worldwide will continue to expand not only in number, but also by increasing our skill and knowledge base to better discover the value in a client’s enterprise.

Most importantly, we have challenged the traditional practices of the industry by adopting tangible performance metrics and guaranteeing the results of our recruitment efforts. The response has been overwhelming, as clients continue to express appreciation and support of our service offering. As one client said, “Chase Winters has set a new standard in the industry! You have dramatically eliminated all performance and financial risk associated with executive search services—it’s wonderful.” Overall, our firm now has more to offer than ever. As we continue to let the world know what an exceptional firm we are, we look forward to the future.

Contact our executive search services firm based in Lincolnshire, Illinois, for more details on our company’s background and approach. We proudly serve businesses throughout the United States.