Today’s preeminent finance functions are led by the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) who has made the shift from custodian of corporate assets to business advocate. These leaders recognize that it is no longer acceptable to merely plan via a historical perspective.  Instead, they must become partners in the value creation process with their fellow operating managers. Their focus is less on transaction processing and more on producing, interpreting, and advising on critical business information. They consider capital allocation to create value over traditional budgeting and cash flow as an indicator of value creation more than the traditional short-term earnings focus.

Our Finance and Accounting Practice has conducted executive search engagements and advised many of the financial management firms find the talented and experienced individuals they need operate successfully. When assessing professionals, we typically focus on five characteristics that are most often seen in preeminent financial leaders:

  • Focus on Shareholder Value
  • Value-Based Performance System Linking Shareholder and Management Agendas Aggressive Approach to Working Capital Management
  • Deep Knowledge of Comprehensive Risk Management Programs
  • Effective and Efficient Infrastructure.

Additionally, during our many years supporting the Finance & Accounting sector, we have witnessed a transformation in the industry.   Leading companies have shifted from their rational model of high cost provider or low-value-added transaction processing service to one that is focused on identifying, creating, and embedding economic value in the company.  The finance function of the future is outward-looking, service-oriented, and has a clear understanding on internal and external customers. 

We have kept this transformation in mind as we placed executives at companies to fulfill the following duties:

  • Activity-Based Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Risk Management
  • International Transfer Pricing
  • Shared Services
  • Technology
  • Value-Based Management