In recent years, the importance of information technology has advanced from the back room to the board room and has become a primary component of any firm’s business strategy. The dramatic increase in corporate expenditures on information systems underscores its importance. Our executive search team’s information services practice allows us to enable businesses to realize their corporate goals and objectives while creating a competitive advantage through the deployment of technology solutions.

Progressive companies are advancing additional financial and human resource commitments allocated to their technology initiatives. In particular, more technology initiatives are being focused in the areas of customer relationship management, operational improvement programs, and product development initiatives. Overall, organizations are quickly realizing the importance of technology as the solution to business issues. They achieve better business results by improving their ability to leverage and use information technology.

However, companies face the challenges of identifying, evaluating, and selecting the technical staff responsible for such transformation. Our clients have depended upon our insight, perspective, and experience to minimize their recruiting risk while maximizing the likelihood of success. Rely on our expertise to find the right information services executives for your leadership openings.

Work with a dedicated team that has successfully completed a wide array of executive search engagements specific to the information technology function. Each member of our team was an information technology practitioner prior to embarking on a career in executive search. Their respective experience includes expertise in enterprise software, media content and services, e-business, infrastructure, systems integration, outsourcing and managed service, and telecommunication. This high level of experience gives us significant insight into how to effectively search for and recruit an ideal information services candidate.